Travis Credit Union Makes Headlines for Cultural Immersion Efforts

Posted by on October 30, 2012

Congratulations to Coopera client, Travis Credit Union of Vacaville, Calif., on making headlines in the Daily Republic and the Vallejo Times-Herald for their recent cultural immersion efforts!

In case you haven’t heard, during recent cultural immersion sessions facilitated by Travis trainers, about 140 Travis Credit Union employees took a series of trips to Mi Pueblo Food Center and El Tejaban restaurant in Vacaville. During these trips, employees at both businesses were instructed to speak only in Spanish, so Travis employees could get a first-hand experience in the challenges of trying to be understood in a foreign language.

This exercise was designed by Coopera and adapted for the credit union by Travis’s training staff to put Travis employees in the same situation as their Spanish-only speaking members might experience when visiting the credit union. By gaining a better understanding of their Hispanic members, Travis employees will now be able to help their leadership team develop better strategies to increase membership, grow revenue and boost loan volume with this important demographic.

For more information on how Coopera can help your credit union put together an employee cultural immersion program, contact us today.

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