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  • White House Video Explains Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform

    Posted by on July 30, 2013

    It’s been a month since the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive (albeit controversial) immigration reform bill, and the country is still waiting to see if the House of Representatives will
    follow suit.

    In the days ahead, Congress continues to debate the right way to reform immigration. As the debate continues, business and community leaders naturally have questions about the legislation’s potential impact. To help these leaders better understand how immigration reform will improve the economy, the White House recently put out a video that explains how the bill will create jobs, boost wages, cut the deficit and foster innovation.

    Click here to watch the White House Immigration Video

    If you like the video, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Anna Peña Takes on New Role

    Posted by on July 23, 2013

    Congratulations to Client Account Coordinator Anna Peña on her new role as Coopera’s Client Relations Manager! In this role, Anna will continue to work closely with Coopera’s national credit union clients, providing assessments, consulting, training, marketing services and Hispanic consumer products in support of their Hispanic outreach efforts.

    As Client Relations Manager, Anna will also be involved in the strategic management of the company’s overall client relations area. She will oversee delivery of client solutions to optimize client satisfaction and loyalty. She will also assist in the strategic development and enhancement of product solutions, she will lead operational efficiency efforts and she will assist in growing Coopera’s operational team.

    Anna has been a consistent advocate for the development of Hispanic families for many years. This has included the development and support of inclusive strategies, specifically for helping Hispanic families gain access to higher education and financial resources to make higher education a reality. Anna is a strong credit union advocate and has worked diligently helping credit unions across the country become the preferred financial institution of choice for the Hispanic community in their respective areas. We’re incredibly honored to help Anna grow her responsibilities within the company.”

    Anna has a master’s of Public Administration from Drake University and received her bachelor’s degree from Luther College, where she studied Spanish, communication and international studies. She is fully proficient in Spanish with more than 10 years of language development through immersion experiences and educational opportunities and is a certified interpreter. Earlier this year, Anna participated in the International Credit Union Leadership Program, which placed her and 10 of her credit-union colleagues in different credit unions or credit union associations across the Dominican Republic.

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    Celebrating Four Years Together

    Posted by on July 16, 2013

    Happy anniversary to Coopera and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA)!

    Four years ago, we formed a strategic growth alliance to help credit unions expand their Hispanic market outreach efforts. Since the alliance formed, both organizations have leveraged each other’s strengths — Coopera’s Hispanic market expertise and CUNA’s extensive resources — to help America’s credit unions grow membership opportunities by reaching and serving Hispanics.

    As a testament to this, our organizations have been able to reach more than 200 credit unions with our collective resources, and in turn, those credit unions have been able to serve thousands of Hispanic members with our help.

    Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve accomplished together so far:
    El Poder es Tuyo, a member-facing, Spanish-language website designed to improve financial literacy
    – On-demand training courses
    – Spanish seminar-in-a-box kits
    – Free educational webinars
    – Hispanic online resource portal
    – Social media efforts, including a special discussion group on LinkedIn

    And, we’re not stopping there!

    We have several joint initiatives planned for our anniversary year, including:
    – Conducting a pre-conference workshop in partnership with the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions for America’s Credit Union Conference (ACUC)
    – Celebrating Coopera Founder Warren Morrow as this year’s Credit Union Hero through Credit Union Magazine
    Planning an emerging markets-focused educational track, in partnership with the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, for the Community Credit Union and Growth Conference
    – Coordinating the launch of the Warren Morrow Hispanic Growth Fund through the National Credit Union Foundation to provide grants to credit unions to reach and serve the Hispanic community

    We are so pleased to have been working alongside such a well-respected, reputable organization like CUNA for the last four years. By working together, we have truly been able to positively influence the growth and direction of the credit union industry. We look forward to what we’ll accomplish together in the future!

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